In-House Barista Partnerships

Office culture done right

Everybody loves great coffee. Bring the buzz back into your workplace with an in-house barista. We’ll provide the coffee cart, Five Senses specialty coffee, permits and a skilled and passionate barista. You spread the word.

Zero Cost Model

Did we mention there is little-to-no cost to the business? Yep, that’s right. Barista service, in your office, five days a week. From as little as 100 coffees per day.

Here’s how it works…
– Together we set the daily sales target
– Staff and clients pay for what they want
– If the sales target is met, there is no cost to your business
– Everybody wins

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In-house benefits include:
– improved staff satisfaction
– vibrant workplace culture
– daily connection to supporting social outcomes
– incentive to return to the office
– better staff retention
– higher productivity (less trips to the shops)
– did we mention incredible specialty coffee?

Ask our friends

Let’s ask the team at Sussan, Sportsgirl and Suzanne Grae what they think about their in house Co-Ground barista at their Cremorne Offices.

“It’s all that bit easier to get our hands on coffee at HQ. We’ve partnered with Co-Ground who are servicing our daily caffeine fix – from the comfort of our office!”


Social Impact Included

Co-Ground is a certified social enterprise. This means that every coffee sold is supporting education, health and livelihood projects. Well done you!

Get social, while supporting social causes.

Yep, you’ve come to the right place!

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