Co-Ground Philippines

Local Challenges, Local Leadership

In the Philippines, we are community leaders, teachers, social workers, volunteers and grassroots community organisers.

We champion locally-led disaster relief projects and community programs based on specific community needs.

Recently, we’ve seen significant challenges for at-risk communities – Typhoons, flooding and the global pandemic. We have also seen communities come together to address these hardships and are proud to support these inspiring efforts and local change-makers.

We would like to thank Jetstar for supporting our work in the Philippines through the Jetstar Flying Start Grant.

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Covid-19: Call Out to Australia

We are all feeling the effects of COVID-19, but let’s use this time as an opportunity to support each other, locally, and across the globe. Our friends in the Philippines are in trouble. The country-wide lockdown means at-risk people are no longer able to earn an income. Children and their families are facing starvation without immediate food relief.

The problem

Government food programs are active, but many communities are not able to access food relief or the relief they can access is not enough. There are reports of families waiting up to 14 days for food relief and at least one person has died due to starvation. To make things worse, hunger and malnutrition will result in weakened immune systems and a higher susceptibility to diseases. Sadly, it is now a matter of survival for those already at risk.

How you can help

There is hope. Right now community groups and organisations are joining forces to provide food relief, multi-vitamins and sanitary kits to those who need it most.

1 MEAL = $0.37 CENTS (AUD)

Join us in supporting this inspiring grassroots effort and together we can protect those most at risk during COVID-19.