Yumi Olgeta (All Together)

Empowered communities working together to improve access to education, local funding, fresh water and sanitation.
We are a local team of village leaders, teachers, parents, school students, farmers, fishermen (and fisherwomen), local builders and volunteers. Our programs are locally developed to address specific local needs. 

We work closely with relevant government bodies, local businesses, advisors and aid organisations, including the Vanuatu Department of Education, Department of Fisheries and provincial education offices.

Our vision is to generate enough local funding to allow our projects to be self-sufficient and to support more communities in Vanuatu and abroad.

Local leadership, skills and capacity-building and strengthening community involvement are key themes for Co-Ground Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Project Stories

Video diary of Willi, Mbuembue Village Chairman, during the construction of the new Sara Primary School library and classroom. Each village contributed by volunteered on different days of the week.

Parents from Mbuembue and Wambi villages travelled a few hours on foot which is the same journey their children take to attend the school each day.

Some Project Highlights

Community projects large and small are always in play, here are a few of the Vanuatu initiatives that our team would like to share:

  • Water access project in two remote villages
  • Fish farm social enterprise launched
  • New school library and classroom construction project
  • Skills building and training program for local builders
  • Youth leadership program
  • School solar power upgraded and reconnected
  • Aid post and school lighting installation
  • Penpal program between students in Vanuatu and Australia
  • School repair, upgrade and completion post Cyclone Pam
  • School cyclone proofing project
  • Most significant change (story based) M&E program
  • Custom storybook project
  • Numerous sport, music and fundraising events
  • New school desk program in partnership with Rotary
  • Growth of stationery and school supplies

Vanuatu Recovery – Cyclone Harold

Back in 2020, Vanuatu was dealt two emergencies at once. In the midst of Covid-19, the northern islands have been smashed by category 5 Cyclone Harold.