Staff & Client Gifts

Delicious gifts, that change the world

In 2021, we could all use a heartfelt ‘Thank You’.

Co-Ground has teamed up with Mandi’s Kitchen to offer award-winning, Australian made, plum puddings and gourmet desserts for staff and client gift-giving.

The best part, 100% of the profits from each gift supports Co-Ground social enterprise and community programs. Supercharged giving!

Quality Products

Mandi’s Kitchen award-winning range uses the finest ingredients, with some desserts including Australian brandy from the Barossa Valley and golden macadamia nuts from sunny Queensland.

Downloadable product brochure available here.

Price on Point

Free shipping
Minimum orders (30 x 1kg or 50 x 500g)

Discounted pricing made possible with the support of Mandi’s Kitchen.

Last orders for 2021:
1st Nov 2021 (1:00pm EST)

Make an Impact.

Co-Ground is a certified social enterprise and registered Not-for-profit. Mandi’s Kitchen is kindly providing product at cost price, meaning 100% of profits will go to our social enterprise and community programs. Go team.

Staff Appreciation

Whether your business celebrates Christmas or you simply want to say ‘thank you’ at the end of a challenging year – we’ve got you covered.

Australian made.
A traditional favourite.

Goodwill Wine

Looking for individualised gifts and home delivery options? Discover Incredible drops with 50% of profits supporting Co-Ground social enterprise and community programs when ordering via the link below.

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